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Combat Climate Change with Carbon Credits

Offset Carbon Emissions By Purchasing our Reforestation and Biodiversity Credits

Image by Parker Sturdivant
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Afforestation/ Reforestation Credits

Reducing Emissions From Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) Credits

This section aims to provide ways for individuals to buy carbon credits from CCEX by the kilos. Traditionally, carbon credits are sold in bulk quantities to other facilities looking to reduce their carbon emissions.

This carbon credit product is meant to be sold to individuals looking to offset their monthly to annual carbon emissions, events, and/or flight travel. It can also be sold to businesses in quantities too. 

Tasks needed: 
-certification design
-product offering list
-product costs
-website layout
-add cart feature
-login feature
-customer support feature 
-misc marketing and advertising materials 
-misc copyright materials

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