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Climate Credit Bilateral Trading

If your organization is already generating or needing climate credits, our team can arrange bilateral trading with other companies worldwide. 

What we will do for you:

If your organization would like to monetize your climate credits, our team will liaison with other companies in need of climate credits.

If your company needs climate credits, our team will facilitate trading to get you the necessary amount. 

What we need from you:

Our team is eager to learn more about your organization, and we can discuss further about how much climate credits you want to monetize or need for your organzation. Join us with a quick meeting to discuss about it further.

*Pricing and trading time will depend on the supply and demand of the current climate market. CCEX prides in client confidentiality. All information is strictly confidential, and we will process any appropriate NDAs. The team may need to conduct a due diligence trip to the facility, which will be expensed to the organization. CCEX has rights reserved to deny services that do not align with the company's values. 

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