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Generation and management of climate change related credits through greenhouse gas emissions-reducing activities.

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"Our congratulations to Daniel Tinajero of CCEX for his appointment this March by the City of Vista to its Environmental Commission. The work of the Commission includes environmental review, natural resource management, and environmental policy development, to help shape the City’s management and strategic direction with its environmental future.  His term runs until 2028."

"CCEX is pleased to announce that we have been selected as a member of the Fifth Cohort of RevHubOC at UCI Beall. We extend our appreciation for this opportunity to be a part of the Orange County Center for Innovation and Social Enterprise’s Incubator."


The Hamerly Sequoia Grove is the largest privately owned grove of Giant Sequoias in Southern California. The project was made to establish the proof of concept that reforestation and rehabilitation of Giant Sequoias across California is possible. The project is a successful pilot which demonstrated that the trees could successfully grow in Southern California and that it could be scale up. CCEX was appointed to assist in the carbon management, monitoring and calculation of possible carbon credits from the project.

The project was initiated in 1H 2022 and concluded in June 2023 with a public rollout of the result, including heavy national and local news coverage including print, social media, and TV. National and local TV news channels (including NBC and Fox) profiled the Grove and its social impact.

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Social Afforestation Project


Carbon & Sustainability Advisory

Carbon and sustainability advisory is a transformative service that helps enterprises maximize and leverage their sustainability practices with revenue generation as well as strategic goals and objectives.


Range of Platforms

There are actually a range of climate-related credits and exchanges. In addition to the variety of carbon credits (national, global, compliance, and voluntary), there are also new biodiversity credits and even newer CDRs. We engage with all such credits and platforms.


Carbon Financial

Climate-specific financial modeling navigates the complex world of climate markets, empowering businesses to make informed financial decisions. We also work with our AI partners in the optimization of sustainability data and data noise reduction.

Monetize Your
Climate Efficiency

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